About Reggae Nation Music

We all know his Redemption Song, his song of freedom. Bob Marley was a huge inspiration to Reggae music.

  • Reggae music originated in Jamaica around the late 1960s.
  • Reggae is that offbeat rhythm, slow beat, with a bass guitar often playing a dominant role.
  • Bass is usually heavy and equalized so the lower frequencies are emphasized.

Reggae is widespread throughout the world and have been fused with many other genres over the years. Bob Marley calls reggae music, the king’s music. Reggae is derived from the latin “regi” meaning “to the king.”

Here we will be discussing anything to do with reggae music and the genre. It’s history is rich and it’s future is bright. We want to remember the people that has spread light over the genre and also what’s new happening in the reggae world. What should be remembered dearly and what should be forgotten in the wind. Who is the influential people in the reggae genre? Who are the new reggae artists that are impacting reggae today? Enjoy the colorful reads we are about to present to you. Stay blessed.

Do you feel like skanking yet? Are you shaking those dreads?