Ziggy Marley “The Little Spliff”

What do we know about Marley’s children? Are his gifts being carried on by his offspring? Bob had many children, that he loved dearly. Eleven to be exact. Right now I want to talk about David Marley, also known as Ziggy. What does Ziggy mean you ask? The nickname was given to him by his father, Bob Marley. It means “little spliff”. He continued his father’s love for music.


In the late 1970s, you could find Ziggy along side his brother Stephen at some of their father’s concerts around the world. A few years later he and some of his siblings made a group called the Melody Makers. It consisted of Ziggy, Sharon, Cedella, and Stephen. Their debut track, “Children Playing in the Streets,” was written by their father, Bob Marley four years earlier. Bob had this idea of sharing the gift of music to children around the world through his children. The Melody Makers had their first on stage performance in 1979 at the ‘Roots Rock Reggae’ concert in Kingston. Ziggy was eleven at the time.


Later he started to get more noticed on his musical gifts. A moment to remember in Ziggy’s musical history was his performance with his brother Stephen at their father’s funeral in 1981. After their father’s passing the Melody Maker’s released their second single, “What a Plot.” Ziggy then began singing with the Wailers at various shows in Jamaica and later went on a tour in support of his father’s ‘Legend’ album release. After many years with the Melody Makers, he moved on to further his solo career.


‘Dragonfly,’ was the name of his debut solo album which was released in 2003. His second album came out three years later and was called ‘Love is My Religion.’ By this album, he won four Grammys. This album won for Best Reggae Album. In 2009, his third solo children’s album ‘Family Time,’ was released. In 2011 Ziggy released another album, ‘Wild and Free.’ Ziggy Marley went on tour in 2012 and had it recorded live which was on release in 2013. Coming out with his fifth album entitled Fly Rasta. More recently he released his new album, ‘Ziggy Marley.” He is currently on Tour.

We can say that Ziggy continued his father in his footsteps, spreading love and abundance. He’s done a great job being himself in his music and raising his own family. The Marley’s is an awesome reggae family generation, and we hope only to hear more from them.


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